Cop Evicted from Schoolyard Trailer

Posted On: March 1st, 2016

Police Officer Bruce Charlton was recently evicted from the trailer in which he lived on the grounds of Nob Hill Elementary School in Sunrise Florida. The officer had arranged a deal with the school board, so that he could live in the trailer home with no rent and no property tax, in exchange for his 24-hour protection of the school. He successfully managed to stop two burglaries.

When he left his job at the school, he was not on good terms with the board. They wished to evict him from the property and begin searching for his replacement. Charlton bought the trailer from the officer who had served in the years previous to him. The price of the trailer was $40,000 and the school district did not charge him rent for the land on which it was parked.

Now the man claims that if he is kicked out of the property, he will default on the mortgage and have to live on the street. However, the school board argues that they were more than fair to him for allowing him to live on the property for free, but that now he must go.

This case has many lawyers stumped, because it defies most traditional landlord/tenant agreements. The agreement reached between the school district and the officer is almost unheard of. However, the lawyers are working to find a solution, which will be most beneficial to both parties.

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