The High Cost of Filing a Florida Eviction Lawsuit

Posted On: October 15th, 2016

The high cost of filing a Florida eviction lawsuit requires strict adherence to Florida law to prevent possible monetary losses for landlords.

With the cost of filing an eviction lawsuit with the Clerk of the Court currently being $200 for a single tenant and $10 more per additional tenant, landlords must first familiarize themselves with the requirements of Florida Law concerning the contents of the notice and the procedure concerning the service of the notice which must be served on the tenant prior to the filing of the eviction lawsuit.

Many eviction lawsuits have been dismissed by the Court on a technicality simply because a landlord made a mistake in the content of the notice or in the service of the notice. Said dismissal results with the loss to the Landlord of both time and money and could also result in the landlord being responsible to pay the tenant’s attorney fees if the tenant was represented by an attorney. Said mistake could have easily been avoided had the landlord first consulted an attorney familiar with the eviction procedure.

In addition to the foregoing, a landlord needs to become familiar with Florida Statute 83.67, which lists the practices which a landlord is prohibited from utilizing against a tenant and states the penalty prescribed for any violation by the landlord. A violation of this Statute could result in the landlord losing the eviction lawsuit and could also result in the tenant filing a counterclaim against the landlord for damages resulting from the violation of the Statute. To avoid this from happening, a landlord should first consult with an experienced evictions attorney before taking any action against a tenant.

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